Residency by Investment Programs

Level Immigration offers clients unique opportunities through a wide range of Residency by Investment programs with a high quality service to qualify Residency by Investment requirements and needs. We have a network of certified partners worldwide to ensure that all government procedures are accomplished quickly and efficiently on behalf of our clients towards obtaining their residency permit.

Residency by Investment Programs

Residency by Investment programs offers to investors the opportunity to legally acquire a permanent residency via a fast-track process. Most of European countries offer various programs which allow applicants to obtain a permanent residency pursuant to specific requirements set by each country. Clients now have access to the countries that offer Residency by Investment, including Portugal, Greece, Spain, Malta, and Cyprus in return for a specified financial investment within their real estate sector, government bond program, and government supported project or formation of a business. The resident must qualify the terms and conditions of the Golden Visa and must have fulfilled the minimum stay requirement to be considered permanent residency and a passport as well. Residency permit holders are allowed to travel for leisure or business visa-free to all countries within the Schengen area by using their European residency ID card.

Key Benefits Of Alternative Residency Or Citizenship

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