Visa-Free Countries For Each Passport

Visa-free travel is a significant benefit of obtaining citizenship by investment. Several countries offer this privilege to their citizens. Once the citizenship is granted, individuals can enjoy visa-free access to many countries, making it easier to travel for business, education, or leisure without any additional hassle or costs associated with obtaining visas.

Citizenship through investment

Citizenship through investment programs is a quick entry into another passport, in which applicants get permanent citizenship and a passport after investing in a granting country without the need to go into ownership or leave. Key options in the CBI program include non-refundable contributions (donations) or government-approved real estate investments. Countries that offer citizenship through investment maintain a high reputation for investigating the applicant's risk for criminal activity, money laundering, and corruption. This is done through a rigorous procedure that leads to efficiency and is also known to some as a background check. Obtaining a second passport from these countries is a life-changing experience as it provides visa-free access to more than 130 countries, including the Schengen Area, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong. It also provides more business opportunities and industrial benefits.

Visa Free Countries

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